Personal Use

We're empowering creators to push the limits of LED lighting without breaking the bank on overpriced tech or being slowed down by complex software.

Plug & Play

ViVi II offers professional quality lighting control with ease of use. Most setups can be installed under 5 minutes and can be expanded to create a variety of complex designs.

Transform Your Environment

Easily light up any space with a ViVi II light show system. Whether you're looking to reclaim your space and set the mood in your home, captivate your audience on stage, or win best in show for your next holiday light display. ViVi II delivers a one of a kind experience.

Entertain Your Friends

With static settings and looping animations, you have ultimate control of setting the mood for any occasion.

VibeSync™ - The Heart of ViVi II

ViVi II is changing the future of live lighting control with real-time tracking of any song seamlessly. By analyzing incoming audio through our VibeSync proprietary algorithm, ViVi adds another layer of immersion to your environment. Featuring durable, water-proof connections to build outdoor setups that keep the party going -rain or shine.

Make It Yours

Whatever project you're looking to create, the ViVi II Music Reactive LED Controller offers a wide range of personal applications, making it a fun and versatile addition to any home or space.