Commercial Use

We all have the same goal of creating an awe inspiring light show experience, so partner with us and let our VibeSync™ technology help bring your LED installations to a whole new level.

Unrivaled Technology

Programming professional light shows is technical, time consuming, and costs thousands of dollars. ViVi II's proprietary algorithm is fully automatic. VibeSync™ evaluates over 1,024 frequencies in a fraction of a second and controls 3 zones at once with different actions for Bass, Mids, and Treble frequency ranges to produce real-time light shows. and creating new animation frames even faster!

Affordable and Reliable

With the ViVi II you can offer your customers a lighting setup that automatically syncs to their music to produce incomparable lighting experiences at a fraction of the cost of more traditional music reactive setups.


ViVi II is changing the future of live lighting control with real-time tracking of any song seamlessly. By analyzing incoming audio through our VibeSync™ proprietary algorithm, ViVi adds another layer of immersion to your environment. Featuring durable, water-proof connections to build outdoor setups that keep the party going -rain or shine.

Elevate Your Business

ViVi II can be used to draw attention to your products and services with eye-catching and dynamic lighting displays unlike anything your customers have seen before.

Entertainment Industry
Create immersive environments, enhance the mood and atmosphere of performances, highlight key moments, and addvisual interest and excitement to concerts, theatrical productions, and otherlive events.

Value-Add Services (Retail, Venue Renovations)
Offering a unique product or service that makes you stand out from the competition and provide you an edge that others won't be able to provide.

Different moods and enhance the guest experience, such as providing a relaxing atmosphere in a spa, a lively ambiance in a bar, or highlighting the architecture and design of a hotel lobby or restaurant.

Trade Shows & Conferences
Visually engaging atmospheres that highlights products, speakers, and presentations, ultimately enhancing the overall impact and effectiveness of trade shows or conferences.

Public Spaces / Structures
Construct visually engaging environments, highlighting architectural features, creating landmarks, and promoting a sense of community and identity.